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Umpires' Corner


The umpire coordinator can be reached at .


Umpire Registration

To register as an umpire, please email the Umpire Coordinator with the following information:

Email Address:
Cell Phone number:
Date of Birth:
Umpiring Experience:
Patched (Y/N):
Unavailable dates/times:

Note that umpires 17 years of age or older are required to submit a CORI form, a Little League Volunteer form, along with a photocopy of your driver's license or other state issued photo ID.  This process is required once per calendar year that you umpire for ABYB.  Please see the Hey Coach! page to access the forms and details on submitting the information.



  • For Minor A & Majors, umpires are scheduled by the ABYB Umpire Coordinator.  Umpires will receive notification emails for each game they are assigned.  If a game is rained out or otherwise re-scheduled, the original umpires are responsible for umpiring the make-up game. Coaches will receive contact info for the umpires, and need to be sure to inform the umpires of the make-up game date/time once they have cleared it with the ABYB Field Coordinator.  If the original umpires are not available for the make-up, they are responsible for finding subs using the process outlined to them by the ABYB Umpire Coordinator.


  • For Babe Ruth, umpires are scheduled by ArbiterSports.  The ABYB Babe Ruth Coordinator will work with the local umpire assigner from Arbiter to get game schedules loaded into the ArbiterSports web site.  Umpires for Babe Ruth will self-assign themselves to games on ArbiterSports.  Babe Ruth coaches will receive a login account on the ArbiterSports web site where they can get umpire contact information to use in the event of a rain out or for other re-scheduling needs.

Fees/Payments for Umpires

(fees updated Spring 2017)

Little League (Minor A and Majors):

Two umpires- $20 each if age 16 and under, $25 each if age 17 and over, $50 if adult patched umpire
One umpire- $30 if age 16 and under, $40 if age 17 and over, $50 if adult patched umpire


Babe Ruth League:
Two umpires: $65 each;
One umpire: $75
Bay State:
Two umpires $50 each;
One umpire $75


Seniors (9 innings):
Two umpires $55 each
One umpire $80
Coaches are issued funds from ABYB and use this form to track umpire payments and claim reimbursements.


Age 13 and over

Youth Umpire Training Opportunities:  New Umpires: No longer playing Majors. Rules training and field training (at least 1 session is mandatory) information will be posted on this page when available.      

Ages 16 and over

Youth Umpires age 16 and over -see information just posted under training below on how to become MBUA patched.

Summer -  training TBD (MBUA exam). Contact Mark Spears at   for more information;  Class size is limited.

High-school-aged and Older Umpires

Interested in becoming patched?  Several training courses are offered in the spring and summer, with the MBUA exam offered.  If you take the exam and pass, those under 18 will be come "apprentice patched" and 18 and over fully patched.  You will be able to umpire at Babe Ruth games (and more if 18 and over).  You do not need to attend all classes to take the exam.  Visit MBUA at http://massbua.tripod.com/index.html.

ABYB will reimburse umpires becoming patched for course fees after they umpire three Babe Ruth games.

Additional Information and Documents (some dated)

Fall 2014 Youth Umpire Information

ABYB Spring/Fall Rules, updated March 2018 (PDF)


Minuteman Babe Ruth rules (http://www.mmbrl.com)
Lou Tompkins (summer) rules (http://www.ltabaseball.com)
Bay State (summer) rules (http://www.baystatebaseball.com/)
MIB Summer Rules (PDF)
MIB Summer Code of Conduct (PDF)